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Time Attendance

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Web based attendance management system

Web based attendance management system has replaced the previous paper based premises of attendance management system. The new system can now handle large number of attendees and events over large networks. Web based attendance...
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Fingerprint Attendance System

With the introduction of biometric system, things have become more systematic and hassle free in many walks of life, and maintenance of attendance is also among one of the positively affect aspects. Automated fingerprint based ...
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time attendance access control machine device

Time Attendance & Access Control Device eNBioAccess-T5 – Office Time Attendance

Time Attendance & Access Control Device eNBioAccess-T5  is the advance time attendance machine for Business and Offices Attendance purpose.Time attendance Access control machine eNBioAccess-T5 has live fingerprint detecti...
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FingerTec USA Announces New Low Prices on Fingerprint Time Clocks – PR Urgent (press release)

FingerTec USA Announces New Low Prices on Fingerprint Time ClocksPR Urgent (press release)In addition to these time attendance models, FingerTec USA has many more biometric, fingerprint, and door lock time clocks available, so ...
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MinuteHound Releases New Time Clock Software for Large Corporations – PR Web (press release)

MinuteHound Releases New Time Clock Software for Large CorporationsPR Web (press release)MinuteHound just released new time clock software for large corporations, which utilizes biometric fingerprint time attendance technologie...
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Time Attendance and Access Control System – BioEnable iClock

  BioEnable iClock, Time attendance and access control features high performance, high image quality optical fingerprint sensor and Push data. The patented optical scanner is resistant to scratches, impact, vibration and e...
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Face identification system solution

NAC5000 – Face Recognition System

    NAC-5000 is a cutting edge fingerprint and face recognition access controller with large LCD (5.7 inch) and touch screen. It’s a market leader in access control with high value NITGEN’s technology. NAC-500...
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Fingkey Access Plus – Fingerprint Access Control System

  Fingkey Access Plus Fingerprint access controllers are packed with features that you’ll be hard-pressed to find in competing models. Using the same concept as internal office telephones, they allow visitors to dial...
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Time Attendance And Access Control Device – eNBioAccess-T5

Bioenable offering latest time attendance and access control device eNBioAccess-T5 for the office time attendance.           Item Specification CPU S3C6410 (ARM11 667MHz) Memory 256MB DRAM / 256MB Flash...
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