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Web based attendance management system

Web based attendance management system has replaced the previous paper based premises of attendance management system. The new system can now handle large number of attendees and events over large networks. Web based attendance...
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Hamster SDK for Android

            There are following files are available in this dowmloading folder. To download “Android_BioEnable_Hamster” Prerequirements These are some prerequirements of which are required Andr...
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The Crime and Criminal Tracking Network Systems* (CCTNS) was conceptualized by the Ministry of Home Affairs in detailed consultation with all stakeholders and will be implemented as a “Mission Mode Project (MMP)” and will...
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  CCIS is an NCRB-driven program and has been launched in 1990. Since then, it has been implemented in 35 states and union territories and spans over 700 locations. Most of the State police headquarters and district head...
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Bluetooth Low Energy BLE 4.0 Development Services

BioEnable offer research & development services in the field of Bluetooth Low Energy BLE 4.0 .   BioEnable provides Bluetooth low energy solutions and services for Bluetooth Smart sensor applications and Bluetooth Smar...
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