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Biometric Fingerprint Reader

Biometric fingerprint reader is a scanning device on which employees of organizations swap their fingers for biometric identification. Biometric fingerprint reader is also used to restrict access to the sensitive data in organi...
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Biometric Safe

Biometric safe is a secured box, sometimes with a keypad integrated in it. Biometric safe is mostly used by the people who want to protect their sensitive and classified documents. Biometric safe are available in various shapes...
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  A feature common to most of the early efforts has been a predominant focus on collection of data as required by the monitoring agencies and on specific functions such as records management, statistical analysis and off...
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PIV Fingerprint Scanner

    enBioScan- C1 is PIV compliant fingerprint scanner available form BioEnable. It has unique design and features   PIV compliant fingerprint scanner     Related: chinese fingerprint reading apk finger...
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Bluetooth Low Energy BLE 4.0 Development Services

BioEnable offer research & development services in the field of Bluetooth Low Energy BLE 4.0 .   BioEnable provides Bluetooth low energy solutions and services for Bluetooth Smart sensor applications and Bluetooth Smar...
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Trackless Train India

Trackless Train electric vehicle developed in India Trackless train rides are heavy duty Electric Vehicle (EV) running on battery created for fun & amusement rides inside the large shopping malls. A small train with highly ...
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Finger Vein Authentication Technology

Finger vein authentication technology works on the patterns of the veins of a finger. When a user scans a finger for enrolment, a near-infrared light is passed through the finger, and the device captures an image of the pattern...
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Finger vein access control

Finger vein access control helps organizations to control the accessibility of sensitive information on the basis of biometric authentication. Since finger vein access control makes important information available only to authe...
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Biometric Screening

Biometric screening is a process that is carried by most organizations nowadays. During the process of biometric screening, many medical samples of the employees’ attributes are taken. The taken examples are then sent for tes...
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