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DNA Saves Applauds Proposed Hatch Amendment to the Immigration Reform Bill – Wall Street Journal (press release)

DNA Saves Applauds Proposed Hatch Amendment to the Immigration Reform BillWall Street Journal (press release)Mrs. Sepich noted that the DNA Fingerprint Act of 2005 (P.L. 109-162) already requires DNA from non-US persons who are...
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Slap Fingerprint Segmentation

                  These output segmented images from the typical livescan image.These images  indicate the segmented position  and finger position Finger Rotation Section Images. &...
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BioEnable-Mobile Identity Management & NFC Document

Simplicity, Ease of Use, Convenience, Massive Costs Savings, while having a full-fledged RFID reader and Inspection System in your pocket are only a few of the motivations that characterize the development of the BioEanble NFC ...
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Criminal Identification

Biometric solution, when used in law enforcement, offers many solutions through several devices like wireless fingerprint capture scanners, etc. It also helps in identifying background records when dealing with criminals.  ...
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Biometric Mobile ID solutions for Law Enforcement

BioEnable offer mobile identification proucts in the form of handheld terminals, Mobile data terminals and tablets that can establish the identity of any individual on the field by capturing their biometric and submitting to th...
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Cloud Face Recognition Services

BioEnable offer Cloud based Face Recognition services. We offer Face Enrollment Services & Face verification / identification services We offer Open ID or Oauth based cloud API authentication for developers.   BioEnabl...
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Law Enforcement Solution

Nowadays Identity Management Systems also help law firms to retrieve the complete information of the suspects or the criminals. The retrieved information of the suspects or criminals includes their previous criminal records, th...
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ID Management for Courts

Just like in other areas, an efficient Identity Management Solution is nowadays also used in various courts around the globe. When Identity Management Solution is effectively deployed in the courts, it helps in the following di...
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The Crime and Criminal Tracking Network Systems* (CCTNS) was conceptualized by the Ministry of Home Affairs in detailed consultation with all stakeholders and will be implemented as a “Mission Mode Project (MMP)” and will...
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