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April 30, 2013

NAC5000 – Face Recognition System

Face identification system solution



NAC-5000 is a cutting edge fingerprint and face recognition access controller with large LCD (5.7 inch) and touch screen. It’s a market leader in access control with high value NITGEN’s technology. NAC-5000 is designed for large scale of security system using TCP/IP or wireless LAN. You may apply to access control and time & attendance management for enterprises level.



Features – NAC5000 – Face Recognition System
  • 5.7 inch true color LCD with Touch Screen

Large LCD enable for importance notice.
Fingerprint and Face image quality shows as authenticate process starts.
User Friendly Interface.

  • Face Recognition Technology

Face Detection
Face Recognition
Tightening security

  • Auto-On Functioning and Live Finger Detection

Recognize fake fingerprint
Silicon & rubber fingers detected & distinguished from real human fingers
Automatically gets activate when finger placed on sensor

  • Wireless LAN (optional) Easy to install load anywhere
  • USB Memory Slot

User information & Log data Up/Download
Firmware Upgrade

  • Built-in Camera

Takes pictures every time log event occurs
Face recognition

  • Large Scale System

Max 2000 terminals connected in one network


Applications – NAC5000 – Face Recognition System
  • Time Attendance –Industry oriented Time Attendance device with Touch Keypad and User Management Software for todays Time attendance needs.
  • Access Control –This is a multi-function system, capable of entry control, user defined gate access.
  • School Buildings – This can be used for school administrative tasks, including entry control and student attendance records.
  • Corporate Offices/ Laboratories, Government Establishments / Commercial premises.




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