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June 20, 2013

Ebusiness Oem Product Management Services

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BioEnable has developed unique model to incubate OEM technology products (modules) and offer comprehensive sales, marketing, development and support services to allow easy and quick adoption by any organization internationally.

BioEnable add immense value to the OEM technology by creating a comprehensive development platform around it, considering its applications and integration issues.

We address following concerns of OEM sub-system developers:

  • Promotion: Due to specific application orientation of the product OEM vendors find it difficult to promote the products internationally considering high promotional costs involved. BioEnable Global Promotion Model provide quick visibility to the OEM technology internationally to the right customers leading to large demand generation.
  • Sales management: OEM technology products are complex systems and end clients may have long decision making cycly. Also significant amount of follow-up and confidence building measures are required to convince the client. THis is a challenge for a technology oriented company.
  • Development cycle: Today product companies and system integrators are looking for fast TIme to market products. Henc eproviding a complete development platform and supporting components, development tools and reference designs is very important. Most clients are also interested in hiring services of a experienced developer in this OEM technology so that they do not need to go through learning phase. BioEnable provide Development platform and services to enable this.
  • Support services: BioEnable has developed comprehensive tools to quickly develop a support services infrastructure for a OEM Technology product. This include web based e-mail ticket management system, dynamic FAQs, Newsgroups, Training documentation, videos and reference material. BioEnable not only provide dedicated people to support a product but also involve existing developers and customers to share their problems and solutions with each other.

These services are available only for integrated embedded modules like Standalone Fingerprint modules, GSM modules etc. which act as a sub-system which provide all functionality of a OEM Technology in the overall product.


Fingerprint identification module ( FIM10 )


Standalone Fingerprint module(FDA01M)


GSM/GPRS Module & Modem


RF Transceiver module





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