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May 9, 2013

Dual Fingerprint Scanners – Two Fingerprint scanner

Dual Fingerprint Scanners is the advanced fingerprint scanning devices for scanning of two fingers at a time using large fingerprint input window. Its also know as Dual Fingerprint reader or Two Finger scanner.

Scanning two fingers together provide much larger set of fingerprint data leading to better fingerprint matching and identification. In applications involving database of million of records, its observed that singe finger is not sufficient to achieve expected results, hence dual finger scanners are used to achieve better security and performance.
Dual Finger scanners are used primarily for Civil ID, National ID & Driving License applications.

Dual Fingerprint Scanner  eNBioScan-F

Dual fingerprint reader

eNBioScan-F is the advanced fingerprint recognition scanner with large fingerprint input window. The larger 1.2” fingerprint input window may acquire fingerprint information more accurately so the incorrect recognition rate, which often occurs in the existing systems, may be significantly reduced, and with the unique design to recognize even damp or watered fingerprint, it secures convenience and reliability, improving the security function. In addition, by acquiring an international standard, FBI PIV certification, it may be applicable to national projects. E-password, AFIS and national ID.

Features – Dual Fingerprint Scanner
  • Excellent durability (prism hardness 7.4Moh) and reliability Optical design processing even wet fingerprint
  • Fingerprint image capture and real-time image display
  • Minutiae extraction/matching
  • FBI PIV Certification acquired
  • Device driver and demo program provided
Dual Fingerprint Scanner  eNBioScan-D

Dual fingerprint scanner

enBioscan-D ,Dual fingerprint Scanner delivers fast ,accurate and reliable results for identification,verification and enrollment programs.Compared to a single-finger scan a eNBioscan-D image provides enhanced accuracy for identification and verification purposes-while reducing the time necessary to obtain a full enrollment.

Features – Dual Fingerprint Scanner
  • High Quality Image – Wet and dry finger can be captured in a very high resolution with high performance optical system
  • Built-In Buttons – Built In buttons for setting brightness of light source
  • Auto-On Function – Auto capture by sensing finger placement
  • Wide Active Image Area – Wide active image area (2.0″x2.0″) for easy capture of two platen fingerprints and one rolled fingerprint
Application – Dual Fingerprint Scanner
  • e-Passport
  • Immigration
  • National ID
  • Searching lost children
  • Criminal Investigation (AFIS)

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