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June 19, 2013

Desktop Fingerprint Development Platform

DSK Series


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USB Optical Fingerprint Scanner with feature rich software for Time attendance, access control, visitor management, security desk etc. TimeTRONIX Desktop is a complete Biometrics Fingerprint recognition based Time Attendance package for small and medium size companies with less than 100 employees. Fingerprint Software development kit is necessary tool for software developers to develop fingerprint recognition based applications. Fingerprint SDK allow you to directly interact with USB or Parallel port Fingerprint scanners and execute functions through a Application Programming Interface (API).


DSK Series is a desktop or computer based Fingerprint development environment for software developers. Sample applications:

  • Fingerprint based PC/Network logon
  • Membership Management
  • Visitor management
  • Transaction management
  • more..

DSK platform include the following core building blocks:

  • USB Fingerprint scanners
  • PC Drivers
  • Fingerprint Application softwares
  • Fingerprint Software Development Kit


Features: Desktop Fingerprint Scanners Development platform

  • Complete desktop application and development environment
  • Support all windows desktop OS
  • Fast USB interface
  • OCX, Active X, dll controls
  • C/C++ level libraries
  • Fast 1:N matching algorithms


BioEnable develop customized solutions to its client based on this integrated and tested platform. We also offer the complete platform or its sub-components to other developers.



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