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June 10, 2013

Biometrics Fingerprint Smart Card Integration

Biometrics Smart Card


BioEnable provide Biometrics & Smartcard development services and solutions.

Smart card can store your Biometrics data along with PKI credentials and an environment to support multiple applications, helping you maintain only one card for all purpose.


White papers:

>>Personal Identification system
>>Biometrics & Smart card FAQ’s
>>Physical Access Control

Biometric and Smart Card Technologies Provide Highest Security

Biometric technologies are defined as automated methods of identifying or authenticating the identity of a living person based on unique physiological or behavioral characteristics. Biometric technologies, when used with a well-designed ID system, can provide the means to ensure that an individual present-ing a secure ID credential has the absolute right to use that credential. Smart cards have the unique ability to store large amounts of biometric and other data, carry out their own on-card functions, and interact intelligently with a smart card reader. Secure ID systems that require the highest degree of security and privacy are increasingly implementing both smart card and biometric technology.

Combining Biometrics and Smart Cards Delivers Economic and Security Advantages

In an ID system that combines smart card and biometric technologies to verify the identity of individuals, a “live” biometric image (e.g., scan of a fingerprint or hand geometry) is captured at the point of interaction and compared to a stored biometric image that was captured when the individual enrolled in the ID system. Smart cards provide the secure, convenient and cost-effective ID technology that stores the enrolled biometric template and compares it to the “live” biometric template. A secure ID system using smart card and biometric technology provides:

  • Enhanced privacy, securing information on the card, allowing the individual to control access to that information and removing the need for central database access during identity verification.
  • Improved security, protecting information and processes within the ID system and actively authenticating the trust level of the environment before releasing information.
  • Improved ID system performance and availability through local information processing and contactless ID card and reader implementations.
  • Improved system return on investment through the flexibility and upgradability that smart cards provide, allowing support of different authentication methods and multiple, evolving applications.



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