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June 4, 2013

Biometrics Fingerprint Access Control

Physical Access Control


Managing access to resources is assuming increasing importance for organizations everywhere, from small entrepreneurial companies to large corporate enterprises and government bodies of all sizes. Even the most neutral organization now recognizes the danger of a security breach.


How it works:

To the user, an access control system is composed of three elements:

  • A card or biometric (an identity credential) that is presented to a the door reader.
  • The door reader which indicated whether the card or biometrics is valid and entry is authorized.
  • A door or gate which is unlocked when entry is authorized.



Related Products:

BioEnable FRT (WIN-S-5000)

BioAccess (BAT-S-1000)

Fingerprint Mouse (DSK-N-USB1)

 BioEnable FRT (WIN-S-5000)  BioAccess (BAT-S-1000)  Fingerprint Mouse (DSK-N-USB1)
High-end Fingerprint Time Attendance cum Access control system with advanced TCP/IP networking, 1:N matching Low cost Single Door Access Control system with Optical Fingerprint Scanner, 150 fingerprints capacity, Two relays
for use in Offices, Server rooms, Cabins etc.
USB Optical Fingerprint Scanner with feature rich software for Time attendance, access control, visitor management, security desk etc.

EM Locks

 Fingerprint Mouse (DSK-N-USB1)
A fail secure electric strike stays locked even without power. The most common by far is a fail secure.



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